How to Declutter Your Classroom

How to Declutter Your Classroom is part of Small Classroom Organization – items in that space, give them a permanent home (if they don’t already have one) Decide how and where you should store these items Storage bins and tubs are a great way to contain items and they allow you to find them more easily when you need them again Decide which items need to be kept on a shelf or counter top, which ones can be stored in a closet or cabinet, and which ones can be stored completely out of the way For example, I keep my math manipulatives in labeled storage bins inside my wardrobe in the classroom This way, I can grab them as needed, but they are tucked away when we don’t need them There are some items that I simply do not need to keep in my classroom I keep a giant bin of play props and costumes on my storage shelf in our pod storage room I don’t even label this bin because I know exactly what it holds It might be just the world’s second oldest storage bin, by the way Since I only need access to these items once a year keeping them in the classroom really makes no sense (and so, a pretty storage bin is so not necessary) Just remember, everything needs a home When you’re done with something, put it back in its home Make it a habit Keeping Things Decluttered Once you declutter your space, you’ll want to keep it that way So, here are a few of my favorite tips for making sure your newly organized space stays that way Clean Your Desk Every Day This is nonnegotiable for me Before I leave each day, I make sure my desk is cleared of clutter It takes me less than 5 minutes There is nothing worse than coming in first thing in the morning with the intention of being productive only to be defeated when you remember that your desk is a mess and you don’t have any space to do your work Prevent unnecessary morning stress from the get go and make sure you clean that desk off before you go home each day Sometimes my desk looks like this during the day But, I can’t leave for the day until it looks like this Once upon a time, I left school with a mess on my desk I forgot about said mess overnight When I got to work the next day I was supremely disappointed to see that I couldn’t tackle my to do list because I didn’t clean off my desk the night before I had to go through the junk on my desk just so I could get to work Then, I was grumpy because my morning wasn’t as productive as it should have been Moral of the story Starting the day with a clean desk is totally worth the five minutes it might take me to clear it off at the end of the previous day Put Your Stuff Away All Day, Every Day When you’re done with something, put it away Seriously, it takes more time to do a full cleaning of your classroom than it does to clean as you go So, tidy up as you go through the day Sometimes we feel rushed and just set things down with the intention of putting it away later If you do this 15 times a day, that adds up to way too much stuff sitting where it doesn’t belong Just put it away I mean, it will probably take you less than a minute to do so, so just do it (even if you have to save that task for after school, just make sure you do it) When we’re done with a set of manipulatives, or reading group books, or a specific art supply, I put them away If you’re done with something, just put it away Leaving it out is pointless Weekly Clean Up I get it, teaching is crazy You are bound to have some stuff sitting out that you should have put away, but literally did not have an opportunity to do so I’m guilty of this too (I hate clutter, but I’m not perfect) I try to put things away as soon as I’m done with them, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen Once a week, take the time to survey your room and put away any lingering items that are still sitting out Make it part of your end of day Friday routine Visually sweep your room and put away any small piles of stuff that are still out of place Keep the Clutter at Bay Don’t buy things you don’t need In other words, don’t bring more stuff into your classroom unless it will serve a specific purpose, and you have space for it Also, just say no Let me repeat that last one Just Say No When your neighbor asks if you want her old collection of empty toilet paper tubes, just say no! First, WHY would you want them Second, WHERE will you keep them Third, do you REALLY need them I mean, taking them won’t make you a more effective teacher And, they’re just going to take up space If you find that you really need those tubes later, ask your students to send them in Anytime is a good time to tackle the clutter, but as the new year approaches, make it a goal to get the clutter in your classroom under control Making sure your classroom is clean, organized, and calm will help you and your students in the long run DON’T FORGET IT, PIN IT! 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